Origin Nourishing Products 

Herbal Hair Treatment

Origin Crystal Serum 


This ultra-luxurious beauty fluid instantly adds more light and shine and softness to every hair type.  Linseed extract enriched with Vitamin E provides strength and shine. Facilitates brushing and shields the hair from thermal abuse.  The hair is manageable and silky.

Herbal Hair Treatment

Origin Treatment SPA Cream


Specially designed for coarse, dry or natural curly hair. One step convenience to penetrate deeply to deliver optimum protein to the hair to its most natural state. Unique formulation containing special softening and conditioning agents. Perfect treatment choice for dry damaged and straightened hair.

Herbal Hair Treatment

Origin Herbal Tonic


A unique Chinese formula which uses exotic and precious Chinese herbs to help accelerate hair growth and control hair loss. It is especially suitable for customer with severe hair loss problems and it can be used before and after herbal treatment. Note that this herbal tonic will settle on the scalp after applying which may cause a sticky feeling.

Herbal Hair Treatment

Origin Italy Hair Tonic

草本滋養液 (意大利)

Energy and vitality for hair and scalp. Leave-in tonic.  It provides both hair and scalp with tone. 

It amplifies hair texture and

helps stimulate micro-circulation.  Fresh effect.

Herbal Hair Treatment

Origin Scalp Tonic


A mild, gentle scalp lotion formulated with herbal nutrients essential for hair vitality and hair texture improvement. It provides nutrients to the scalp which helps strengthen, relieves itching, control sebaceous excretion and improves follicular health, soothing and prevent dandruff.

Herbal Hair Treatment

Origin Essence Vitamins (Ampoule)


Rebalance the hair’s condition.  

Stimulate root metabolism with the action of the exclusive Energy Complex, which helps to prevent hair loss and helps to combat hair follicle atrophy, activating hair growth.  Makes the hair stronger and more resistant. It contains Serenoa Repens, a special active which helps to inhibit the enzyme 5-Alfa Reductase, responsible for hair loss in men. Menthol gives an instant refreshing action.

Herbal Hair Treatment

Origin Herbal & Veg Repair Cream


Packed with Silk Protein, Jojoba and Vitamin E that nourishes and repairs hair tissue instantly, it adds definition, moisture and brilliant shine with unique light-holding ingredients. It reduces breakage caused by thermal styling, UV damage and combing. Apply on the hair ends after every hair wash to have soft and silky, manageable hair.

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