Herbal Hair Treatment

    Why should you try our herbal hair treatment?

Our herbal hair treatment contains 100% herbs like Dang Gui (當歸), Ginseng(人參), He Shuo Wu(何首烏)and many other ingredients that effectively help control and improve your hair condition and at the same time, encourage hair growth.


Compendium of Materia Medica

Dang Gui (當歸) helps to enlarge the blood veins of the pores; helps blood circulation and replenish blood veins supply to the pore. This helps prevent hair loss and also helps to darken your hair. It also helps to delay growth of white hair.

Ginseng(人參) helps to replenish the ‘YUAN’ qi.

He Shuo Wu (何首烏helps nourish the liver and kidney (weak liver causes hair loss), darken the hair and prevents growth of white hair.

Unlike chemical dyes, our herbal treatment remedy does not contain any chemical that aggravates the scalp. Our experimental result shows that white hair grows 1 inch long after 3 weeks with the use of chemical dye, but with our herbal treatment, your white hair grows 1 inch long after 4-5 weeks instead. Bee Choo Orign Herbal Hair Treatment Process


Our hair professional will follow these steps

Step 1

Apply the hair tonic (ginger wine) to the scalp to stimulate and open up pores during steaming. Opening up of the scalp pores is necessary in removing impurities and absorption of the herbal ingredient into the scalp.

Step 2  

Apply the 100% pure virgin olive oil onto the hair ends before steaming to ease out split ends, improve hair condition and make your hair shiny.

Step 3

Apply the 100% chemical free Bee Choo Origin herbal hair paste directly onto the scalp and hair ends.

Step 4

Wrap the head (crown) securely in preparation for the steaming process.

Step 5  

Steam the wrapped hair for 45mins. After steaming, wait for the hair to cool down.

Step 6

Wash off the cooled hair and partially blow dry to allow better absorption of the herbal paste.

Hair Treatment

How does the treatment benefit you?

1) Control oiliness of the scalp

80% of hair loss problem starts from oily scalp.

2) Cover grey hair

Replacing chemical dyes which causes scalp sensitivity and skin cancer. Grey hair turns copper immediately after the first treatment and darkens as you continue the treatments.

3) Improve hair condition leaving it shiny and manageable

Hair which are damaged by chemical we use daily e.g. hair spray, hair gel etc.

4) Increase growth of black hair

Active Chinese herbs ingredient such as He Shou Wu promotes black hair re-growth.

5) Dandruff problems

The treatment process which involves steaming which helps remove dandruff layer by layer, some may sees immediate results in just 1 session.

6) Delay growth of white hair

White hair take longer time to grow out compare to chemical dyes e.g. after dye hair, white hair grow out in 2 weeks time, after Herbal Treatment, white hair grow out in 3 weeks time.

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