What is Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treatment?

Bee Choo Origin Herbal Hair Treament is recommended for men and women of all ages with existing hair problems such as hair fall, oiliness, balding, dandruff, etc. It makes use of a berbal paste that consists of 16 different Chinese herbs.

What is the step-by-step process?

Application of Ginger Wine, then massage, Application of Paste, Steaming, Absorbing and Cooling, Blowdry.

How many sessions are recommended for optimal results?

Depends on the patient’s condition

How often can this procedure be done?

The treatment may be done depending on the individual’s case – for those with air problems, it is recommended to undergo the treatment once a week during the first month then twice a month on the succeeding months.

Who are not allowed to undergo this treatment?

Basically there are no contraindication since the treatment is hypoallergenic and can be used for most people.

What do I need to prepare before the hair treatment?

There is no special preparation that you have to do before coming down to our saloon for treatment. Just bring yourself over for a free consultation.

How long does it take for the hair treatment?

The whole process take approximatelt 1.5 hours. This would include applying and massaging your scalp with Bee Choo Origin ginger wine tonic, applying Bee Choo Origin’s herbal paste on your scalp, 45 min of steaming for the herbal paste to give your scalp the maximum benefit and nourishment, washing and drying of hair.

What do I need to be aware?

Bee Choo Origin’s herbal paste is made from 100% natural Chinese herbs and there may be some natural coloring from these herbs that may have the same effect as you would of dyeing your hair with some chemical dyes. Dependent of the natural shade and colour of your hair, the coloring effect of the Chinese herbs may differ from one person to another.

Any side-effect from the hair treatment?

Bee Choo Origin herbal hair paste are free from chemical and normally there would be no side effect. However if you have history ofany allergy, please consult medical practitioners before deciding to come to our saloon for treatment.

Which items are included in the price of hair treatment?

The price includes initial ginger wine tonic application on the scalp, application of herbal paste and hair wash with Origin Shampoo and Conditioner and drying of your hair. We do not provide hair styling services and in fact to ensure that you have full benefit of the herbal hair treatment, we would also encourage to not immediately style your hair with high hear immediately after treatment. Application of hair serum is recommended for those suffering from severe hair loss. There will be an additional fee chargeable for the hair serum.

Any down time after the hair treatment?

There is practically no down time as compared to hair implantation. This is a herbal hair treatment without any chemical for healthier pores, scalp, hair and re-growing hair in a vivid way.

How would I feel after the treatment?

After treatment, you will feel that your scalp has been deeply cleansed and totally nourished.

Any products I should go with after the treatment?

Bee Choo Origin has range of hair care products for your scalp and hair,.Please consult our hair ambassador for the siutable products that will cater to your special needs.

Before the herbal treatment, can I apply cream or hair serum at the hair ends?

Yes. Before the herbal treatment, for ladies with long hair, we will apply olive oil at the hair ends to soften and protect the hair during the steaming process. There is no need for you to apply any serum or cream before the herbal treatment.

Can I go to work after the herbal treatment?

Yes, you can still go to work after the herbal hair treatment. After the herbal treatment, you may experience some discolouring during your first few washes.

Is this herbal treatment same as henna colouring?

Our treatment is not henna; we are using 100% Chinese herbs. We prepare the herbal treatment by cooking the Chinese herbs. Whereas for henna, after you choose the desired colour, hot water, tea or coffee is added into the henna powder to form the henna paste. Customers, who experienced discomfort, redness or itchiness on their scalp after the henna treatment, did not experience any of the earlier mentioned after doing our Herbal treatment.

Can I colour (chemical) my hair after the treatment?​

Yes, but we do not recommend that you do it. The herbal ingredients will take some time to take full effect to nourish your scalp. It will usually take for 2weeks for you to harness maximum effectiveness of the herbal treatment. We suggest that you refrain from any coloring, perming, rebonding or performing any chemical process to your hair for at least 3 weeks. This is to allow the herbal ingredients to be fully absorbed into your scalp before doing any chemical process that may neutralise the herbal effect.

Do I need to wash my hair before the herbal treatment?

It is not necessary, as our herbal treatment is targeted to remove oil and dirt on the scalp. Most of our customers will however wash their hair first before coming for treatment. Alternatively, you may request to have your hair rinsed before the treatment.If you apply, styling gel, wax or clay, you can inform us and we will gladly rinse away the styling substance from your hair.

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